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Child Caretop
The Dalles Campus
Cuidado Receptivo En Programas Del Cuidado De Niños Pequeños: La Llave Al Desarrollo Saludabl (10/29/2020)R. OchoaTh6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Fostering Anti-Racism In Children: Supporting Children in Understanding, Identifying, and Reject (11/17/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Promoting Infant Attachment to Parents and Ourselves (09/22/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Distance Learning
Construyendo Calidad En Su Cuidado Infantil Familiar Para Resultados Duraderos (10/21/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment That Celebrates All of Our Children (10/19/2020)StaffM6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Designing and Evaluation of Effective Pre-Writing Strategies for Pre-Schoolers (11/03/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Developing and Applying Intensive Sanitizing Practices (10/07/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Dollar Store Science and Engineering for the Ec Classroom (12/09/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Exploring the Foundations of Handwriting (10/13/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Help! Caregiver in Distress (12/01/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Implicit Bias: Exploring the Influence of Person Family Culture on Teaching Practice (09/30/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Indicadores Del Desarrollo Y Monitoreando El Desarrollo Infantil Developmental (09/23/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Introducción a Las Escalas De Calificación Ambiental (Ers) (11/02/2020)StaffM6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Introduction to the Environment Rating Scales (Ers) (11/05/2020)StaffTh6:00PM - 8:00PMONLINE$20
Observing, Screening and Assessing in Your Classroom in Culturally Sensitive Ways That Engage (12/14/2020)StaffM6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Prevención Y Manejo De Comportamientos Desafiantes En Programas Del Cuidado Infantil (11/18/2020)StaffW6:00PM - 9:00PMONLINE$20
Computer Classestop
Distance Learning
Computacion, Comenzando (09/28/2020 - 11/16/2020)T. RochaM12:00PM - 1:00PMZOOM$65
Computer, Beginning (09/28/0202 - 11/16/2020)T. RochaM11:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$65
First Aid/CPRtop
The Dalles Campus
Aha Instructor Recertification (10/17/2020)StaffS10:00AM - 6:00PMTDC 1.464$155
BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Course (11/21/2020)StaffS8:30AM - 1:00PMTDC 1.464$70
BLS, CPR & First Aid Instructo Training Program (11/14/2020)T. AdamsS8:00AM - 6:00PMTDC 1.464$190
First Aid/CPR & Aed (10/17/2020)T. AdamsS1:00PM - 6:00PMTDC 1.464$70
First Aid/CPR & Aed (11/14/2020)T. AdamsS1:00PM - 6:00PMTDC 1.464$70
First Aid/CPR & Aed (12/12/2020)StaffS8:30AM - 1:30PMTDC 1.464$70
Hood River Campus
First Aid/CPR & Aed (11/14/2020)StaffS8:30AM - 1:30PMHRC 1.102$70
General Classestop
Distance Learning
Cyber Security for Seniors, How to Keep Your Information Safe ()StaffW-ZOOM$0
Dance, Low Impact Dance Fitness (09/30/2020 - 11/25/2020)A. MooreW8:00AM - 9:00AMZOOM$39.95
Developing a S-Uas Operations (TBA)I. DavisTBATBAONLINE$99
Deveolping a S-Uas Training Program (TBA)I. DavisTBATBAONLINE$99
Entomology (10/15/2020)W. O'KeefeTh6:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$25
Flagger Training (10/06/2020)R. JohnsonTu8:30AM - 2:30PMZOOM$104
Flagger Training (11/10/2020)R. JohnsonTu8:30AM - 2:30PMZOOM$104
Flagger Training (12/03/2020)R. JohnsonTu8:30AM - 2:30PMZOOM$104
Hombuyer's Workshop in Spanish (10/03/2020)D. PetersS9:00AM - 3:00PMZOOM$30
Homebuyer's No Pay (12/05/2020)D. PetersS9:00AM - 3:00PMZOOM$0
Homebuyer's No Pay Spanish (12/05/2020)D. PetersS9:00AM - 3:00PMZOOM$0
Homebuyer's Workshop (12/05/2020)D. PetersS9:00AM - 3:00PMZOOM$30
Homebuyer's Workshop in Spanish (12/05/2020)D. PetersS9:00AM - 3:00PMZOOM$30
Homebuyers Workshop Spanish (09/19/2020)M. HerediaS9:30AM - 3:00PMZOOM$30
Knitting: Cables: Basic to Reversible, Cable Needle or Not (11/19/2020)I. SaxonTh5:30PM - 7:30PMZOOM$19.95
Knitting: Finishing Projects (12/05/2020)I. SaxonS10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$19.95
Knitting: Introduction to Stranded Colorwork (11/07/2020)I. SaxonS10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$19.95
Knitting: Learn to Brioche (10/03/2020)I. SaxonS10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$19.95
Knitting: Learn to Knit (10/07/2020 - 10/28/2020)I. SaxonW5:30PM - 7:30PMZOOM$49.95
Medicare 101 (08/13/2020)StaffTh10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$0
Medicare 101 (09/16/0220 - 09/16/2020)StaffW2:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Medicare 101 (10/16/2020)StaffTu10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$0
Personal and Professional Development (09/28/2020 - 10/23/2020)M. EbyM6:00PM - 7:30PMZOOM$49.95
Pottery: Hand Building (09/30/2020 - 12/09/2020)C. BoltonW6:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$135
Real Estate Brokers License Course (10/01/2020 - 12/12/2020)StaffTh5:30PM - 8:30PMZOOM$600
S-Uas Drone Applications for Public Services (TBA)I. DavisTBATBAONLINE$89
S-Uas Thermography (TBA)I. DavisTBATBAONLINE$99
Spanish Second Year First Term (09/29/2020 - 12/08/2020)S. HuszarTu Th5:30PM - 7:30PMZOOM$199.95
Spanish, Beginning (09/29/2020 - 12/08/2020)T. RochaTu4:30PM - 6:00PMZOOM$97.95
Spanish, Continuing (09/29/2020 - 12/08/2020)T. RochaTu6:00PM - 7:30PMZOOM$97.95
Star Party (10/01/2020)W. O'KeefeTh7:00PM - 9:00PMZOOM$25
Star Party Section 2 (11/05/2020)W. O'KeefeTh7:00PM - 9:00PMZOOM$25
Star Party Section 3 (12/03/2020)W. O'KeefeTh7:00PM - 9:00PMZOOM$25
Yoga, All Levels Alignment (10/01/2020 - 12/10/2020)A. MooreTh8:00AM - 9:00AMZOOM$39.95
Yoga, Hike-N-Yoga (10/01/2020 - 12/10/2020)A. MooreTh9:30AM - 10:30AMZOOM$39.95
Golf, Beginning (10/06/2020 - 10/27/2020)StaffTu5:00PM - 6:00PMTD Country Club$125
Golf, Intermediate (10/06/2020 - 10/27/2020)StaffTu6:30PM - 7:30PMTD Country Club$125
Nra Basic Pistol Safety Course (10/13/2020 - 10/22/2020)StaffTu Th6:30PM - 9:30PMTD Senior Ctr$89
Healthcare Related Classestop
The Dalles Campus
Aemt Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Part I (09/30/2020 - 12/11/2020)T. AdamsW F S6:00PM - 9:30PMTDC 1.464$1,250
Hood River Campus
BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Course (12/12/2020)StaffS8:30AM - 1:00PMHRC 1.102$70
Distance Learning
BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Course (10/10/2020)StaffS8:30AM - 1:00PMHRC 1.102$70
Health Insurance 101 (11/09/2020)StaffM10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$0
Health Insurance 101 (12/07/2020)StaffM10:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$0
Small Business Development Centertop
The Dalles Campus
Starting a New Business (11/05/2020)R. MaysTh12:00PM - 2:00PMZOOM$0
Distance Learning
Building a Brand and Style Guide (09/20/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
Building a Brand and Style Guide (10/29/2020)StaffTh12:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Building a Brand and Style Guide (11/14/2020)StaffTu9:00AM - 1:00PMZOOM$0
Buisiness Technology for Newly Remote Companies (10/13/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
Buisiness Technology for Newly Remote Companies (11/30/2020)StaffM10:00AM - 2:00PMZOOM$0
Business Technology for Newly Remote Companies (11/05/2020)StaffTh12:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Creating a Company Website Using Squarespace (10/27/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
Creating a Company Website Using Squarespace (11/21/2020)StaffS9:00AM - 1:00PMZOOM$0
How to Write an Effective Business Plan (10/08/2020)R. MaysTh9:00AM - 12:00PMZOOM$0
How to Write an Effective Business Plan (12/10/2020)R. MaysTh5:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$0
How to Write an Effectve Business Plan (11/12/2020)R. MaysTh12:00PM - 3:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks: 101 (10/06/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks: 101 (10/22/2020)StaffTh12:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks: 101 (11/07/2020)StaffS9:00AM - 1:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks: 201 (11/19/2020)StaffTh12:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks: 201 (12/05/2020)StaffS9:00AM - 1:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks:101 (09/28/2020)StaffM10:00AM - 2:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks:101 (12/01/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks:201 (10/20/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$0
Quickbooks:201 (11/04/2020)StaffW4:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$0
Starting a New Buisness (10/01/2020)R. MaysTh9:00AM - 11:00AMZOOM$0
Starting a New Business (12/03/2020)R. MaysTh6:00PM - 8:00PMZOOM$0
Using Media for Sales (10/01/2020)StaffTh12:00PM - 4:00PMZOOM$0
Using Media for Sales (10/10/2020)StaffS9:00AM - 1:00PMZOOM$0
Using Media for Sales (11/24/2020)StaffTu6:00PM - 10:00PMZOOM$0
VESi for K-12 Educatorstop
Distance Learning
Vesi: Advanced Classroom MGT (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Attn Def/Hyperact Disord (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Autism & Asperger's (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Behavior Is Language (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Build School Communities (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Child Abuse (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Common Core Standards (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Drugs & Alcohol in SCHL (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Educational Assessment (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Engl Language Learner: Methods & Materials (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: English Language Learner: Language Acquisition (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Harass, Bully & Cybr-Int (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Inclusion: Special Needs (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Learning Disabilities (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Read & Writ in Cont Area (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Reading Fundamentals #3 (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Reading Fundamentals 1 (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$27.50
Vesi: Reading Fundamentals 2 (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Response to Intervention (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Six Traits of Writing (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Talented & Gifted (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Teach Elem Math Concpt (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Teach Secd Math Concptly (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Teaching Diversity (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Traumatized Child (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Try Differentiated Inst (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340
Vesi: Violence in Schools (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$275
Vesi: Why Di!: Differentiated Instruction (TBA)J. NashTBATBAONLINE$340