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Fermentation Science 101

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Course ID: CED0713-01 Place: ZOOM Instructor: K. McCabe Tuition: $59.95 Fees: $0

Day(s): Tu Start Date: 01/05/2021 End Date: 03/09/2021 Times: 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Fermentation Science 101 Dr Kevin McCabe, former Brewery Quality Assurance Manager for Full Sail Brewing and co-creator of KYLA Hard Kombucha, presents a class reviewing the science underlying your favorite fermented foods. This class will expand upon his June 4, 2020 Science on Tap presentation “Booze, Booch, Bread, and Brine: The Science of Fermentation” ( events/online_june_4_fermentation/) providing more detailed background and explanation of the similarities and differences in the biochemistry and microbiology of fermentation of cider, wine, beer, distilled spirits, bread, kombucha, and pickles as well as details on how to achieve quality products from some of these fermentations. Whether you are just curious about fermentation, if you are an amateur looking to learn more, or are a professional looking to improve your quality and process, there will be something for you in this course. This 10-week class will be presented live via Zoom and will be recorded to view later for those unable to attend at that time. Q&A will take place live and Kevin will also make himself available by email for questions from those watching the recordings. No discounts or waivers.
  • class dates: 1/5/21-3/9/21

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For more information, call 541-506-6011 (The Dalles) or 541-308-8211 (Hood River).